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Understanding what Numerology is about and Interpreting the Numerology Aspects


When it comes right down to it everybody loves astrology, Horoscopes are posted daily in the newspaper, emailed, sent to your phone or posted on Social Media, Facebook, etc..

The difference between horoscopes and numerology is horoscopes only tell you what is happening with your astrological sign. It is not an interpretation of you personally.

Numerology goes beyond that. It is a science that uses a numbered system and has been practiced for over 4,000 years, by using both your full given name at birth (first, middle, and last name) if you have two middle names this is included in your full given name, the current name you go by, this is your short name (first and last name) or if you got married, your married name (first and last), and your birthdate (00/00/0000).

The day you were born bears great significance in understanding who you are and where your capabilities, talents, skills, etc. lie in your personal and your professional life. Numerology is a gift that can help you along life's journey. 

The numeric system is broken down into different aspects of your life they include:
Your Life Path, Birthday, Expression, Minor Expression, Heart's Desire/ Soul Urge, Minor Heart's Desire, Personality, Maturity, L/E Bridge, H/P Bridge, Karmic Lessons, Hidden Passion, Planes Of Expression, Plane Of Expression Physical, Plane Of Expression Mental, Plane Of Expression Emotional, Plane Of Expression Intuitive, Balance, Rational Thought, Cornerstone, Subconscious Self, Challenges, Pinnacles, Cycles, Transits, The Physical Transit, The Mental Transit, The Spiritual Transit, Essence, Forecast of Personal Years, Personal Months, and Personal Days. (All aspects meanings are listed below.)

Did you also know that a Forecast of Personal Years, Personal Months, and Personal Days can help you choose what days are favorable or not favorable for love, communication, family, finances etc...? In numerology these personal forecasts are for you and you alone, based on your name and birthdate.

By using all of these aspects it gives you a detailed and accurate reading.

PMC Numerology provides Personal In-depth numerology readings for $14.99 that includes those numeric aspects of: Your Life Path, Birthday, Expression, Minor Expression, Heart's Desire/ Soul Urge, Minor Heart's Desire, Personality, Maturity, L/E Bridge, H/P Bridge, Karmic Lessons, Hidden Passion, Planes Of Expression, Plane Of Expression Physical, Plane Of Expression Mental, Plane Of Expression Emotional, Plane Of Expression Intuitive, Balance, Rational Thought, Cornerstone, Subconscious Self, Challenges, Pinnacles, Cycles, Transits, The Physical Transit, The Mental Transit, The Spiritual Transit, Essence, Forecast of Personal Years, Personal Months, and Personal Days.

PMC Numerology uses the same method of numerology as World Renowned Numerologist, Hans Decoz. The Personality Profile Report with 2 Year Forecasts are approximately 150-180 pages long, it's like having your very own book about you and you alone or a book of your loved ones should you choose to purchase a report for them, friends or your signifigant other.


Numeric aspect meanings are as follows:

Life Path, This number is calculated from your birth date. The Life Path is considered a cycle, it runs from when you are born until passing. Your Period cycles are three long-term cycles that each cover about a third of your life. The First Period cycle is based on the reduced number of your month of birth, the Second Period comes from your reduced day of birth and the Third Period comes from your reduced year of birth. This number shows the direction of your life, where it will take you from birth to death. It also reveals a vast outline of opportunities, challenges and lessons that you may experience during this lifetime.

Birthday, This is an influential core number. This is the date of your birth, 1st - 31st it tells of your personal assets. It focuses on your strengths, weaknesses, spirituality, shows goals and talents that you possess as an individual. It shows the type of person you will be during your life whether personal or professional.

Expression, Another core number, it is your full name given at birth, First, Middle and Last, this number shows talents, skills and other abilities you may hold in this lifetime.

Minor Expression, This is the name that you currently use, the name that you prefer others to call you including your last name. As far as influence it does not compare to the full name.

Heart's Desire, Also known as the Soul Urge number. This number represents the inner you, your self being, the depth of your outer personality. It tells of you true desires and motivations.

Minor Heart's Desire, This is found by using the vowels in your short name. The vowels reveal the tender side of you, love, sympathy, and vulnerability. The feelings you feel using your current name are different from that of your full name as it changes your identity slightly.

Personality, Uses only consonants of your full given name at birth. This would be your personality trait or characteristics that others would notice within a short time of getting to know you.

Maturity, Your maturity number tells of your desires and goals for the future, this usually tends to happen when you are thirty to thirty-five years of age. This is found by using your Life Path number and your Expression number. It tells of steps that you should take in order to set forth goals you have planned for yourself.

L/E Bridge, This is the Life Path and Expression bridge number, this is your destiny, it helps you to understand yourself and the path you take during your life, it can help change obstacles in your path that stop you from leading the happy and prosperous life that you were meant to lead.

H/P Bridge, This relates to your Heart's Desire and your Personality number. This Bridge number tells how you can make your self, the deeper inner you, show your needs and desires, to be the real down to earth you, to be more aligned with the part of your personality that others see when they meet you.

Karmic Lessons, This signifies strengths and weaknesses in different aspects of your life. Each letter in your name signifies your good and bad Karma. The letters and numbers of your name direct you to the talents and abilities that you already possess. By using these qualities that are already in your possession it can further enrich your life by knowing what they are. Missing numbers on the other hand, those that are not represented in the letters of your name, simply suggest that the tools are unavailable and must be learned and mastered during this lifetime. For people with three or more numbers missing in their numerology chart, it is extremely important to focus on your career and talents, and to be persistent with any obstacle that may enter their path. Persistence is the key to success and happiness.

Hidden Passion, This is the number or numbers that occur most frequently in the Square for your name which reveal your passion, your talent, your career path.

Planes Of Expression, This is a person's temperament and nature, it is divided into 4 parts. These four parts are the physical, mental, emotional and the intuitive sides of an individual's personality. This is how you act in real life with each plane of expression. You may be more dominant in one more than the other. This is determined by your full name.

Plane Of Expression Physical, This is the physical action and inaction, physical endurance, practicality, and values.

Plane Of Expression Mental, This represents patterns of thought, problem solving and conclusions.

Plane Of Expression Emotional, This is the emotional makeup and reactions, the experience and expression of feelings associated with life.

Plane Of Expression Intuitive, This is the spiritual, psychic, intuitive, the inner knowledge, the level of understanding of humankind and how sensitive a person is to other people's temperament.

Balance, This is how you respond to life's challenges either by withdrawing or facing the challenge with maturity or by exploding. This number is decoded by using your initials. It provides you with the guidance on how best to handle difficult situations.

Rational Thought, This shows how your mind works in different situations of life: your level of intelligence and ability for logical thinking. This is found by adding the sum of the value of all the letters in your first name (of your full name at birth) to your day of birth.

Cornerstone, To find the Cornerstone number numerology uses the first letter of the first name. This number can determine a large part of how a person deals with life's opportunities and obstacles.

Subconscious Self, This is the confidence you have in your personal power and competence, as well as your ability to deal with and correctly assess a situation and to respond appropriately. This is derived from your Karmic Lessons.

Challenges, Based on your birthdate, these challenges, obstacles or road blocks teach us specific life lessons that need to be overcome, if not learned they repeat themselves.

The First Challenge, Birth to age 30-35

The Second Challenge, Age 35-55 or 60

The Third Challenge, Happens throughout life, this is The Main Challenge

The Fourth Challenge, Age 60-death

Pinnacles, The Pinnacles are a road map to experience. By paying attention to this is can help add direction and clarity to your life. There are four pinnacles each pinnacle can be assistant to fulfillment in your life's destiny and purpose.

First Pinnacle, The First Pinnacle develops your character. We develop our egos and define our sense of self, during this time period.

Second Pinnacle, The Second Pinnacle influences our relationships with family members and the way we direct responsibility where others are concerned. This Pinnacle represents a productive time of life and prepares us for our next Pinnacle.

Third Pinnacle, In the Third Pinnacle, also known as "middle age", we mature and enter a productive time of life and our Maturity Number often begins to make sense.

Fourth Pinnacle, In the Fourth Pinnacle, we embrace deeper fulfillment and a better awareness of spiritual understanding. The last Pinnacle brings rewards and opportunities and uses ones knowledge gained through ones life's experience.

Cycles, The human life path is divided into three major cycles that are divided by 28 years. When exactly you will be changing through from one life cycle to the next is very much dependent on what your Life Path number is, as your life path number is added to 28. These Cycles deal with the momentum and direction of your life.

Transits, The Transits are derived from the letters of your first, middle, and last names. Each letter of the name lasts for as long as the numbered value of that letter. Each name provides information on a particular level of your consciousness: the physical, mental, and spiritual. For those who do not have a middle name, the last name provides the Transit information for both the Mental and the Spiritual. For those who have more than one middle name, the middle names should be strung together into one long name. If you received more than one last name, string the last names together into one long last name.

The Physical Transit, The Physical Transit is derived from your first name.

The Mental Transit, The Mental Transit is from your middle name.

The Spiritual Transit, The Spiritual Transit is from your last name.

Essence, The transit begins at birth with the first letter of your first name, the first letter of your middle name, and the first letter of your last name, their values totaled, defining the tone of the year from birth to age one. Then the transits continue, finding the Essence of each year of the life. This timing method uses the letters in the name to arrive at this important cycle called the Essences. This totaled number gives you a detailed Cycle Essence Number. This number is like a detailed map to your past, present, and future situations that you could be struggling with or have been through or will be going through and can guide you through out life's journey to make better decisions. This tells of career paths, talents, emotions, opportunities, successes, failures, advancements, and so much more about you.

Forecast on Personal Years, Your Personal Year number tells of circumstances you will experience during the year ahead.

Forecast on Personal Months, This predicts about the general trends, lessons to be learnt, difficulties to be faced and the rewards we will get in a particular month.

Forecast on Personal Days, Knowing what type of energy the day will bring can help you predict what kind of day you will have or even prepare for a bad days vibe. Personal days can show you how favorable a day may be such as in: love, relationships, games of chance, party planning, shopping, etc..

PMC Numerology also offers Relationship Compatibility Reports for $16.99. These reports tell how you and your mate will get along together as a couple. Compatibility reports are approximately 70-80 pages long which include: Life Path, Expression, Heart's Desire, Personality, Personal Years, and Personal Months.